Virtual Reality for Beginners – Taking the First Step

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Taking the first step into something could often be a bit intimidating. This happens a lot when we face things we have never encountered before. The same applies to the immersive world of Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality is a vast universe full of unknown potential that has just earned its golden badge for making its very first baby steps. But the idea behind it is quite simple. Let’s take a glimpse together, of what is going on behind the scenes, as well as the origins of this subject here, in your very own virtual reality for beginners walk through!


What Exactly Is Virtual Reality


First things first, what virtual reality really is? The answer to that question is very simple indeed. Virtual reality or VR, uses the technology of computers in order to create a simulation or, in other words, digital environment, with which you may or may not be able to interact. In other words, it could very well be a computer powered simulated version of your very own room or work space, where, with the use of certain extension “tools” like headsets and remote controllers, you are able to experience it as if you were there.

Of course, who wants to experience his room or work space inside a 3D world? The plain old routine of your bed or nightstand, when you can actually kill aliens with a light saber or dive within an ocean full of deadly sharks? That’s one of the main reasons why VR is so cool. You can be anywhere. You can be anyone. And with all this technology, it feels real!


When It All Started


Well, virtual reality technology is quite old, as bizarre as it may seem. It all started back in 1957, when a guy named Morton Heilig invented a device called Sensorama, which is considered to be a primitive version of what is today known as a virtual reality system. The term “virtual reality” on the other hand, is a much later constructed concept, whose credits go to researcher Jaron Lanier back in the 1980s’.

That’s just a tiny piece of history there, because it is always good to know some stuff about the birth and evolution of the things you are interested in. Might come in handy!


Immerse Yourself!


And now that the boring stuff got out of the way, let me tell you an interesting story about my very first interactive experience with VR!

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and what made it even richer was the fact that I had just purchased my new PS4 console with a VR headset, thank you very much!

After I thanked the universe and my personal efforts for coming up with the money needed for such an acquisition, I started unboxing and setting up everything properly.

Several minutes after connecting the last cable, I was ready and eager to test my new PlayStation VR headset. And God was it worth it!

First game I played? VR Worlds. I put my googles on and gave it a go. The feeling was ecstatic to say the least. The first thing I saw was a huge hall full of statues and other miracle-like audiovisual effects that made the experience even more outstanding and breathtaking. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the virtual world. And that was just the main menu of the game!

By the end of the day and after several hours of game play I felt mentally rejuvenated and, to be honest, a bit physically tired as well. Immersing yourself into the world of virtual reality can be overwhelming until you get the hang of it. And there are certain people (like my mother for instance) that almost cannot stand the virtual world at all.


Having Said That…


Safety comes first and I will be posting an article about safety in the virtual world soon. Until then, lets talk a bit more about the impact of virtual reality in our lives.

VR is considered to be as awesome as the invention of the internet itself. We are talking about billions of dollars each year invested in VR applications in the fields of medicine, the military, pilot training, gaming, the automobile industry and of course movies.

From better surgical operations to me playing a video game in the comfort of my own home, you can see that virtual reality has taken over all major aspects of our lives, and plans to go even further.


To Sum Things Up


Virtual reality is definitely a must for everyone to at least catch a glimpse of. For me, it is now a lifestyle. A different perspective of the same world we already live in. A technological endeavor that is going to take us far into and out of the known boundaries of today’s society.

With VR headsets becoming more affordable and safer each day that passes by, I am certain that in the following years more and more people will own at least one virtual reality headset.

In future posts I will be commenting on more remarkable aspects of VR technology. Stay tuned and see you soon!


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